EMAN (Essex Multicultural Activities Network) is a Community Interest Company created to support and empower black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in Essex, with a special interest in South Asian communities.

It started in 2005 as a group of friends joining together to raise funds for Pakistan earthquake relief and developed gradually into a voluntary community group running activities to promote cultural diversity at a number of festivals around Essex, before incorporating as a community interest company in 2011.  

EMAN's work involves:

Developing skills organising vocational training and opportunities to learn or pass on crafts and skills.

Overcoming social isolation - providing a safe and welcoming environment in which to make new friends, fight loneliness and depression.

Promoting cultural activities - celebrating the heritage and traditional skills of the South Asian community at local events, fairs and festivals.

Addressing health issues affecting the South Asian community - raising awareness, reducing the stigma of mental health problems, promoting healthy diet and exercise in a culturally appropriate way.

Acting as a bridge to statutory services - developing channels of communication between statutory organisations and the South Asian community.

Shown below is our unique community development model:

EMAN aims to engage with the community through a range of projects and products: